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THE 2022 Tech Showcase PRESENTED BY:

About The

Tech Showcase

Our mission for this Foundation is to change the landscape of Women’s Health through research & innovation, engagement with the community, and product development.

We will be hosting a Tech showcase to provide a space for people to learn about cutting edge innovation and collaborate with each other. Tech Medical Startups will be presenting their products that focus on challenging issues in Women’s Health. We hope to inspire others to become more interested in this space and join our mission!


Meet Our

Showcase Sponsor

Dipalo Ventures

Dipalo Ventures invests in pre-seed to early-stage rounds in physical products designed for sustainability. Dipalo Ventures de-risks investments by incorporating hands-on product design and engineering reviews in our due diligence process. Their technical diligence identifies gaps that are mitigated post-investment via a hands-on 6-week Residency program.

Learn more about Dipalo Ventures by visiting their website:

Our Ask

Recommended Donation**

Attend our Tech Showcase for an amazing opportunity to present your technology, network with industry experts, and much more!

**While donations are strongly recommended, they are not required for the attendance of this event. All donations will be put towards covering the cost of your lunch and dinner served at the outing. To donate, please fill out our form below. We greatly appreciate your gratuity in advance and look forward to seeing you there!

Stayed Tuned For the Reveal of Our Tech Showcase Presenters!