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SCOTUS Decision on Dobbs V. Jackson

The Aarush M. Patel Foundation is disheartened by the SCOTUS decision last week. Pregnancy Termination for any reason is a vitally important medical option for women. It allows them to maintain body autonomy amongst a multitude of complicated scenarios.

This decision will impact a woman’s ability to have safe access to pregnancy termination options in many states, including but not limited to: contraceptive failure, barriers to contraceptive use, fetal anomalies, aneuploidy embryos, illness during pregnancy, exposure to teratogenic medications, and pregnancy complications. Conditions like placental abruption, bleeding from placenta previa, preeclampsia or eclampsia, and cardiac or renal conditions, may be so severe that pregnancy termination is the only measure to preserve a woman’s health or save their life. 

Our foundation’s focus is on reimagining Women’s Health care through private / public research partnerships, conversations with innovative experts, and 21st century medical technology.  We are concerned about the morally disingenuous concepts that continue to overwhelm the larger scope of conversation around pregnancy termination. We strive, no matter what barriers are put into place to reduce maternal mortality rates, promote advocacy for body autonomy and continue to raise funding for Women’s Health related research centers. We will continue to focus our energy on these heartbreaking aspects of Women’s Health and we welcome active engagement from anyone who is inclined towards intellectual discussion or if you have innovative ideas that can serve the greater good.

We know this is a huge setback but we will not remain silent. We will do everything in our power to fight to maintain pregnancy termination, contraceptive use for fertility planning and all life-saving options that can be made available to women to make personal decisions for themselves with their physicians.  Anything less will result in devastating consequences for personal autonomy of healthcare.