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Aarush M. Patel Foundation – 1 Year Anniversary

Event Description:

The Aarush M. Patel Foundation has officially reached its first major milestone – Our 1st Anniversary. It has been a year of learning, building, networking, and most importantly growing. We have come such a long way in just one year as a Foundation and here are a few of the things we are proud to say we have accomplished thus far: 

Research Grants Fellowships: To date, we have pledged $100,000 to two institutions towards this initiative. This will be used to fund research and programs dedicated to improving women’s lives and pregnancy outcomes through the use of data analytics, imaging, pharmaceuticals, bioinformatics, fertility, and therapy.

Care Baskets: Producing care baskets for post-partum stillbirth parents to provide comfort, lactation support, and information brochures. We have currently provided care baskets to local hospitals in the Chicago and Indianapolis region and hope to continue to expand our distribution network to more geographical locations in the near future.

#ENDPERIODPOVERTY: Our foundation is proud to partner with P&G Always as one of their local distribution heroes! With this partnership, we are distributing 20,000 period products in the Chicagoland region for those in need. To date, we have distributed products to 2 amazing organizations and will continue supporting others with the remainder of our inventory.

Local Advocacy: At the Aarush M. Patel Foundation, it is important for us to continue to spread the word about our Foundation and encourage others to join us on our mission. Over the course of the last year, we have hosted various local events to attract interest from the community to participate in fun, educational events (mini golf, wine & floral design, etc).

We are incredibly grateful for the support, resources, and connections we have received and we can’t wait to take on the next year and continue on our journey to change the landscape of Women’s Health!

Visit our Facebook event page to learn more other upcoming events!